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Forward Focused is…

Educational leadership podcasts w/ supporting resources & coaching services brought to you by Jon Reusch. Jon brings more than a decade of training, consulting, and coaching experience with a focus on results-driven leadership development.

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Forward Focused


Introducing Forward Focused — a leadership podcast to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Start your day with our educational, interview and FlashCast recordings, complimented by a variety of downloadable tools and resources to help you put the strategies into action.

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What previous clients are saying…

“After 3 calls with Jon, I feel different. Empowered, smarter, more capable! Thanks Jon… for never judging and always coming from contribution…”

Rob Chubb

“…The type of person you immediately like…brings positivity, possibilities, and innovation to every situation. Inspires you to be better...professionally and personally…”

Kasey DiAntoniao Widman

“…I can’t say enough good things. …hard working and wants the people around him to succeed! Thanks Jon for all you do!”

Krista McGoff Lang

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