10 MORE Lessons from a Billionaire (Part 2 of 2)

In this episode, we have 10 more timeless lessons from a billionaire for you to learn from and reflect on at every stage in your leadership journey.

This is Part 2 in the series. Before you listen, make sure to check out Part 1 – Lessons from a Billionaire for the first 10 lessons from Gary Keller, the co-founder and current Executive Chairman of Keller Williams Realty and KWx.

Just like Part 1, this episode is meant to be listened to more than once. You’ll pick up on different nuggets at different stages of your development.

Episode Resources

To help you make the most of this advice, we’ve listed the timestamps for each lesson along with any related resources, so you can revisit them as needed.

Lesson 11: “If you can’t get a Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, it may be because you haven’t done what it takes to attract a Kobe or LeBron.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @01:26

Lesson 12: “The billionaire’s life as a business owner looks like a stair step.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @03:27

Lesson 13: “You can’t have the right players and have an un-winning season. The right players want to win.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @06:00

Lesson 14: “Think big, yet go small and trust the dominoes will fall.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @08:06

Related resource:The ONE Thing

(Book by Gary Keller)

Lesson 15: “Have a relationship with your goals.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @11:24

Lesson 16: “You can’t have productivity without knowing your priority. And you have to have a sense of purpose to know your priority.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @14:24

Lesson 17: “Do you know, and have you clearly identified, your top 3 values?”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @16:13

Related resource: “Core Values” 3-part series

(Forward Focused Podcast)

Lesson 18: “Happiness happens on the way to fulfillment.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @18:02

Lesson 19: “You can’t teach ambition.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @20:29

Lesson 20: “Build a great small organization first. Pour into your people before you attempt to go really big.”

Skip ahead to Part 2 @22:10


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