A Career in Real Estate w/ Nick Tracy

Nick Tracy, Owner and Operator of Nick Tracy Real Estate, is a master of productivity and living life by design. In this Forward Focused Interview, Nick shares some lessons he learned on the importance of compounding consistency; and how to set up systems to replicate goals and growth, year over year.

Nick aims to learn something new, every day — without letting the commitment burden his schedule. See below for his top two educational favorites. These will expand your mind into learning something new. They will also help grow your organization in a positive way.


Book: “The Road Less Stupid: Advice from the Chairman of the Board” by Keith J. Cunningham

A gold-source resource on the importance of spending time to think and plan in order to avoid costly mistakes. 


Podcast: Empire Building 

A spinoff podcast to Gary Keller’s The One Thing podcast, Empire Building will help you grow a bigger business, find bigger purpose and foster bigger relationships.

Episode Resources

Road Less Stupid (Book)

Empire Building (Podcast)


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